Things To Do in Federal Hill – April 2016

The neighborhood of Federal Hill surrounding the legendary boutique apartment complex 1201 S. Charles is simply an extension of Baltimore luxury. No matter what you are looking for, you can find a very high class version of it in Federal Hill. Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive things to do in one of the best neighborhoods that Baltimore has to offer.

The Big Hope Show

The quite aptly named American Visionary Art Museum of Baltimore will celebrate its 20th anniversary, and there is no better time to showcase the most inspiring and unapologetically idealist artwork in the world. The theme is the “power of hope,” and 25 artists with a vision will showcase their work. Many of these artists have overcome incredible personal obstacles, and their art reflects the master touch of a touched person.

Creating a Brush with FutureMakers

If you have a child or you are tutoring/mentoring someone else’s loved one, the Light City event at the Baltimore Museum of Industry is a kid friendly event that celebrates the incredible promise of youth.

Military Appreciation Day

Every Tuesday night, first responders, hospital staff, veterans and active duty military officers are invited to an exclusive event full of food and fun at the Horseshoe Casino. There are plenty of rewards so that the military vets can hit the slots on the house as well. This is an LGBT friendly event with tons of discounts, so if you want to try your luck at winning a fortune, Horseshoe Casino gives you the time and the place to do it in style.

Federal Hill Third Thursdays

Every third Thursday of the month, the entire Federal Hill community comes together for a block party that includes sponsorship from many of the luxury businesses on the block. Klein’s Antiques, Lovelace Showroom, Pandora’s Box, Cheese Galore and More, Cross Street Tobacco and Apothecary Wellness are just a few of the companies who will be showcasing and possibly giving away free samples of their goods and services!

How to Experience Federal Hill

Federal Hill is made to walk, so bring your pet and leave the car. You will experience the fullness of the neighborhood only if you take it in block by block. Whether you are a resident or a tourist, you will almost certainly find a Kodak moment on the Hill, so be sure to bring a camera as well. Many of the events named here are within walking distance of each other.

The Hill loves to run events on the spur of the moment, so aside from all of the planned events that you see here, you will also take in a surprise or two no matter when you go. If you are thinking of moving into Baltimore, consider the historic luxury of the 1201 S. Charles building, a boutique, exclusive living experience that brings you everything great that the city of Baltimore has to offer.

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