The Benefits of Living in a Tech Community

A technology community refers to a neighborhood or area that has technology and other amenities to improve the quality of life of its residents. One example of such a community is 1201 S. Charles, which is a luxury apartment building in Baltimore, MD. If you’ve never had the opportunity to live in a community like 1201 S. Charles, here are the many benefits of living in a tech community.

Green Standards

One benefit of living in a tech community is that they tend to be built according to green standards. For example, 1201 S. Charles was built with energy efficient windows. These windows were designed to limit the amount of heat that escapes the apartment during the winter and reduce the amount of heat that is emitted into the apartment during the summer. Therefore, you can expect your apartment to stay warm in the winter, yet not too hot in the summer. These energy efficient windows will also reduce the amount of money you pay for your energy bills.

The windows of 1201 S. Charles and many other apartment tech communities are over-sized. These over-sized windows allow plenty of natural light and air to enter your residence. Therefore, you won’t have to heavily rely on artificial light and air purifiers, which both contribute to the cost of energy bills.

Building Security

Another advantage of living in a tech community like 1201 S. Charles is the increased building security. When you live in a tech community, you can enjoy life with peace of mind. Most tech communities feature very sophisticated and intricate entrance systems. While you will have no trouble getting into your apartment complex, criminals and delinquents will be kept out. Not only will the entrance keep the building secure, but it will also keep you safe as you enter. Carjackings and robberies occur most often when people are leaving or entering their car.

Tech communities also tend to have surveillance cameras both within and outside the building. These surveillance cameras provide an added level of security for the residents.

Mobile App Compatibility

Yet another one of the many advantages of a tech community is the increased mobile app compatibility. Nowadays, most people cannot imagine life without their smartphone or tablet by their side. Mobile apps can be used in practically every aspect of life. Many buildings in tech communities are becoming more and more compatible with mobile apps. For example, you may be able to download a mobile app and use it to control the lights within your residence even when you’re away. You may also be able to use the mobile app to monitor your home remotely through the surveillance cameras already installed in most tech communities.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider moving to a tech community. Not only are most tech communities built to green standards, but these communities tend to have enhanced building security and mobile app compatibility for your safety and comfort.

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