Technology Companies Take Over Baltimore’s Federal Hill Neighborhood

There are a lot of reasons to consider moving to Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood: it’s close to Baltimore’s business district and to a wide variety of commercial amenities and services, it has a bustling social scene, and there is an array of housing available for rent or purchase.

But those are not the only reasons Federal Hill is a great and up-and-coming place to live. There is also the fact that in-demand Federal Hill tech companies are gradually cropping up all over the neighborhood. According to information uncovered by the researchers over at, there are 70 large tech firms spread out across the city of Baltimore. Of those 70 companies, many are located either directly within the boundaries of Federal Hill or incredibly close by. Many are located to the north, in the Inner Harbor neighborhood, and others are located directly south, in the business district.

More specifically, the tech companies located within the boundaries of Federal Hill include:

  • Key Tech
  • Betamore
  • ZeroFox
  • The Digital Harbor Foundation
  • Red Owl Analytics
  • Parking Panda

As noted, the neighborhood directly to the north, Inner Harbor, houses a slew of tech companies as well. In fact, it houses the largest number of them when compared to every other neighborhood in Baltimore; 20 notable tech firms are located in the area — and they are only a short drive away from Federal Hill.

These Federal Hill tech companies aren’t only IT-focused, however. Many are focused within the realm of biotechnology; there are a number of biotech startups located minutes from the neighborhood at 801 W. Baltimore St., in a block that spans 200,000 square feet of corporate space.

If you’re considering moving or relocating to the Baltimore area and you work in the technology industry, the Federal Hill neighborhood would be right up your alley. It used to be that Baltimore had an urban presence when it came to industry, but technology has taken a firm hold over the city in the last few years, and the tech scene is only going to continue to flourish in the years to come.

High-End Apartments Federal Hill

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