South Baltimore’s Biggest Stories in 2015

South Baltimore’s landscape changed dramatically throughout the 2015 year. The biggest South Baltimore stories fall into two camps: Revitalization and Retail. Here are just a few of the stories that impacted the area.

Port Covington Revitalization

Sagamore Development took over a few hundred acres of land in the Port Covington area and is doing a major transformation. One of the biggest projects is by the Under Armour company, who is building a 3 million square foot campus where the shopping center used to be and is also putting together a very large finance and IT department in an old Sam’s club.

City Garage is another major project in the area, which is designed to be an industrial hub for the surrounding community. Companies such as Tapology, Nutreatious and Gundalow Juice and Under Armor are all putting together workspaces in the project. Another company is the Sagamore Spirit Distillery, which will have an attached restaurant and support building.

South Baltimore’s New Retail Abundance

New businesses sprung up all over the area as the economy continues to improve. Places that were vacant for years have been filled by retail establishments that are all over the spectrum, from Petco to Forever Yogurt.

A few businesses did leave the area, but several more popped up in there place. Gone are restaurants like Hunan Grill and Tuscan Fresh, but in its place new spots such as 3 Bean Coffee and Mi and Yu Noodle Bar are attempting to fill the void.

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Thousands of people visit the Inner Harbor of Baltimore year in and year out. And while it has gone through several renovations before, a new company has moved to redevelop some older shopping areas. Not only will they be getting a face lift, but they will also be getting several major changes. The Pratt Street Pavilion, for example, will be transformed from a classic mall to a more open design. There will also be a new grocery store called The Market at Harborplace.

The McKeldin Square area will be getting a facelift, as well. They will take down the fountain and replace it with a smaller one. The park will become more of a green space that will have a more pleasant view.

Rash Field is also on the renovation plan. They will be putting together several outdoor areas for recreational sports like volleyball and weight lifting, similar to the Venice Beach area in California.

All of this change is making South Baltimore a great place to live. Our apartment complex will be at the heart of all this amazing renovation, so why not take the opportunity to come check us out?

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