Renting in Federal Hill Amidst Rising Baltimore Home Prices

The cost of living always seems to be the rise, and in Baltimore, the ability to purchase one’s own home may seem to be simply be out of reach.

Sure, buying a house has always been touted as “The American Dream,” but in reality, home ownership is far from being a perfect investment. The actual dollar output for mortgage, insurance, interest, taxes and maintenance can create a serious financial burden on your wallet — and then there’s the time commitment needed to maintain that dream house.

But there is good news for those who want to live in Baltimore’s classy Federal Hill neighborhood, and it’s a great alternative to the time and money-sucking concept of home ownership. You can rent a spacious, well-kept apartment unit at 1201 S. Charles, right in the heart of Federal Hill.

Home Prices in Federal Hill

The cost of purchasing a house in the Federal Hill area varies, but if you want to live in a home that’s not “falling apart,” be prepared to shell out more than $300,000. Of course, that’s just the purchase price; don’t forget to consider the interest, taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. If you’re not planning to set down roots forever, then why bother to purchase an expensive home when there are great options around such as the apartment complex at 1201 S. Charles?

Now, let’s talk about what this lovely location has to offer.

The Federal Hill Neighborhood

First of all, the Federal Hill area of Baltimore — you will find everything you could want while living here! Federal Hill has excellent restaurants, unique shopping experiences, cultural and entertainment events and a public library all within walking distance or a short car ride away. Federal Hill in Baltimore even has its own place in Civil War history; you can learn  about it through guides, tours, maps and civic group presentations.

High-End Apartments: Renting in Federal Hill

The excellent location of 1201 S. Charles keeps you right in the thick of things. With our affordable units, you will pay a flat rental fee each month and won’t have to worry about property taxes or maintenance costs. Living in an energy-efficient, pet-friendly “boutique” style apartment at 1201 S. Charles in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore means there are no lawns to mow and no garages to clean — nothing that will suck up your precious leisure time!

Need space? We’ve got that. 1201 S. Charles has several floor plans to choose from; our largest unit is more than 1600 square feet with two bedrooms, two baths, a large living room, kitchen and home office workspace.  The master bedroom’s walk-in closet is spacious and accommodating.

Comparing Home Ownership & Apartment Rental

Comparing the options of Baltimore apartment rentals and home ownership; certainly, there are benefits to both. But in Baltimore, the neighborhoods themselves are aging — the cost of maintaining those homes can become quite substantial.

Houses that list for under $150,000, for example, are generally considered to be “Do It Yourself Fix-Me Ups.” Creating the home of your dreams may become very, very expensive that way and unless you can commit your house ownership plan to paying off a 30-year mortgage, purchasing one place in one neighborhood is not the best option.

Living in a beautiful apartment at 1201 S. Charles gives you the flexibility needed to thrive in an upscale neighborhood while living your upscale life!

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