Federal Hill Named One of 2016’s Hottest Neighborhoods

Those who can’t get enough of Baltimore all have unique reasons for their love affairs with this awesome city. Some people simply like the look of its classic architecture. Others can’t help but feel thrilled by the crisp sea air. No matter why you like it here, there are plenty of reasons to feel at home.

Of course, a town this varied also caters to a host of individuals and lifestyles. Though the question of which area is the best neighborhood Baltimore has to offer has long been up for debate, things may be different in 2016. Federal Hill, well known for its trendy chic, was named one of the nation’s hottest communities. Here are a few reasons why.

Life at the City’s Center

Federal Hill’s closeness to Downtown Baltimore is worth thinking about. In addition to living within walking distance of the famed Inner Harbor, residents can easily stroll to Camden Yards and the many museums just off the water. Of course, this also means that nightlife is accessible, and tons of the city’s most popular bars and eateries are only a few blocks from your doorstep. Weekend concerts, shows and street fairs are regular occurrences.

Easy Access

Federal Hill is unlike many central urban neighborhoods in the U.S. because it’s not just close to local transportation. Living here also grants easy access to those who need to travel out of town. Residents can hop right on the Metro to explore the whole city, and they’re also close to the Baltimore Light Rail and the MARC Commuter Rail system. This is a big plus for those who make the workday commute to D.C., but Federal Hill is also home to plenty who don’t even bother with the daily rush.  With the seventh-highest walk score in the city, it’s no wonder so many people reach their jobs on foot.

Local Reinvestment

Most renters aren’t that concerned with property values. Nonetheless, they still benefit from an ongoing reinvestment trend that dates back decades. Federal Hill has been the focus of many revitalization projects that spread out from Downtown since the 1970s. Today, it’s a major hotspot for families and young professionals who want to enjoy Baltimore’s most historic districts without sacrificing the conveniences of modern life. Cool modern features to look for include:

  • Energy-efficient construction,
  • Spacious open floor plans,
  • Unique layouts that cater to working from home, and
  • Updated kitchens and appliances.

Could your next home be somewhere in Federal Hill? Even if you don’t agree that it’s the absolute best neighborhood Baltimore residents could hope for, it’s definitely up there. Let us know why you love Federal Hill in the comments below.

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