Baltimore Enters Top 10 Cities for Creative Workers

Creative people across a multitude of professions face a constant struggle to find the best city they can call home. Also known as the new “creative class,”  these essential workers bring their skills and knowledge to tech and artistic jobs, education, healthcare, law, and other careers – and studies show more and more that they’re choosing to come to Baltimore. The CityLab list tallies up the largest creative class communities in America’s metropolitan areas, and the latest tally shows a Baltimore top 10 position. For the current and future tenants of the luxury apartments at 1201 S. Charles, this is great news.

Growing Creative Class in Baltimore

Several cities in Maryland have appeared on CityLab lists over the years, and Baltimore is proud to be among the top 10 places creative workers choose to call home. In fact, the city increased its creative class population between 2000 and 2014, growing from about 31% to just under 35% in five years. A thriving and growing creative class is one of the best ways to nurture a healthy economy. It’s also excellent for developing a community of professionals who can enjoy free time with neighbors who share common interests and skills. The people of 1201 S. Charles know this important. Not only are the residents largely creative across a number a fields, but the luxury apartments and campus themselves rely heavily on cutting edge technology and innovations to enhance the living experience.

Creative Technology

The tech industry is one of the main areas for creative workers to seek their careers. Many of them come to Baltimore, and this is a huge benefit to the city. From green living to increased safety to ground-breaking education, exciting advancements from creative technology experts abound.

Green living brings all apartments Baltimore has to offer better efficiency. By harnessing climate-moderating technology to keep utility costs manageable, residents enjoy more comfortable living at reasonable prices.

The more a city encourages creative thinking in technology, the better security its community can receive. At 1201 S. Charles, families feel comfortable knowing their homes are secured by the latest protection systems.

One of the most important things to explore when moving to a new city is the status of its local schools. Do they encourage relevant skills? Are students happy and developing lifelong learning habits? Home to a number of summits and conferences on technology in education and creative thinking, Baltimore knows it is well positioned to harness the growing energy of its creative class for the benefit of future generations.

For these reasons and so many more, Baltimore is thrilled – but not surprised – to appear on the list of top 10 cities for the creative class. The city expects to remain there for many years to come, and 1201 S. Charles will be ready to welcome new creative families home.

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